About Kurt

Kurt Larsen was born in 1956 in Seattle, Washington. Shortly thereafter, his family moved to the Bay Area of California, where he was raised and continued to live until 1993. In 1993 Kurt, and his wife Karen, moved from California to Bloomington, Indiana where he now resides with Karen, his son Sam and their pet dog. Kurt is largely self-taught. However, he did receive formal training in the field of visual arts. Kurt continues to explore his artistic nature creating an ever expanding variety of fresh & creative artworks

Most of Kurt’s paintings are done in an abstract style. He uses a wide array of mediums to build multi-layer textures on canvas. Kurt’s passion in making art is to connect his own experiences with the beauty in nature, in his life and in the way he sees the world. Kurt invokes an emotional response, inspiring and uplifting the viewer with his own personal artistic vision.

Kurt’s paintings enrich the ambiance of any room with color, form and texture; making them a perfect appointment to most residential and commercial design styles.

Hanging one of Kurt’s paintings in your home is a good investment. After all, a nice pair of shoes will wear out or go out of style eventually and they are only meant for two feet. Owning art is so much more than that. Art is alive. It breaths light, color and texture in to your home. It enhances the psychological “space” of your dwelling and has a noticeable uplifting effect on your family and friends.